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We (OFC) are now affiliates of Localphone, which allows you to make cheap calls over the internet (VoIP), from your landline (especially good at times when you can make free phone calls to UK landlines) or mobile (good use for your inclusive minutes).
See and
Note that we are assuming that you have a BT landline with the Unlimited Evening and Weekend calling plan.
For the rates we show for calls at peak times, we add the standard BT rate to UK landlines to the standard Localphone rate to calculate their rate from BT landlines with the Unlimited Evening and Weekend calling plan.
If you can make free/inclusive calls to UK landlines, you will not need to add this, and you can get the cheap rate at peak times too.

This is not a CallThrough service: you need to sign up for an account with them. They will then give you a separate local landline number for each contact you wish to call. You can then dial this local number, which puts you straight through to your destination.

Quoting from their site:

We will give you a unique, local landline number to dial for each contact that will connect straight through—no account numbers, no PINs, and if nobody answers you won’t pay a penny.
See their web pages for more details.
They have some excellent rates (off-peak, as explained above), e.g. to India landline (1.3p per minute at the time of writing) and India mobile (1p per minute at the time of writing).

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Where we quote callthrough rates, we believe (based on the web pages of the companies we list) that calls are charged at the indicated price from a BT residential line.
BT apply a call set-up fee of 11.5 pence for each call made.
Other network operators' charges may vary.
You can check rates from BT landlines using BT's document
The price of calls to Specialised Numbers from BT Fixed Lines
You must have the bill-payer's permission before using any of the services or callthrough access numbers listed on our pages.

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  1. Residential Voip..Great plugin. I will try it and I hope it works so great and is easy to use. A super idea. Thanks.