Sunday, 29 May 2011

Calls from UK mobiles

In the near future we hope to launch a comparison of top-up solutions for calls from UK mobiles using geographical access numbers.
(Of course you can already use Localphone in this way. But the Peak Rate Localphone rates shown on our site already include the cost of calling the UK from a BT landline, which is probably different from the rates from your mobile.)
Auracall offer their T-Talk service with competitive rates: see (our own OFC allocated area of their site).
In particular, their rate to Pakistan from mobiles is (at the time of writing) 3p per minute + the cost of calling the UK 020 geographical access number. (UK mobile calling plans usually include calls to 020 numbers in any free minutes allowance.)
For their terms and conditions see

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You must have the bill-payer's permission before using any of the services or callthrough access numbers listed on our pages.

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