Thursday, 28 February 2013

Auracall T-Talk

Hi everyone,
Recently Auracall T-Talk (cheap international calls from UK mobile phones) rates have been updated. We don't have all the details of  which rates went up and which went down, but it is worth checking and, or
Some particularly good rates there, at the time of writing, are (landlines only unless otherwise specified):

  • Australia 0.9p per minute
  • China landlines and mobiles 0.8p per minute,
  • Germany 0.8p per minute
  • Hong Kong 0.8p per minute
  • India 0.8p per minute
  • India mobile 0.4p per minute
  • Israel 0.3p per minute
  • Malaysia 0.8p per minute
  • New Zealand 0.8p per minute
  • Portugal 0.8p per minute
  • Romania 1p per minute
  • Singapore 0.8p per minute
  • Thailand 0.9p per minute
  • Turkey 0.9p per minute
  • USA landlines and mobiles 0.8p per minute

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