Sunday, 28 April 2013

Cheap international calls using Speaq (e.g.calls to Iraq mobile)

Due to recent pricing changes, we thought it was worth pointing out that, under some circumstances, it may now be cheaper to make international calls from your mobile phone than from your landline.

Of course, one reason for this may be that your landline provider is charging more than BT for calls to our access numbers. (For example, see
to find out how much Virgin charge for calls to our access numbers.)
However, other changes have also had an effect. For example, consider the rates for calls to Iraq mobile. The Planet Talk Instant rate to Iraq mobile increased recently, leaving the best rate to Iraq mobile showing (at the time of writing) on as 7p per minute (via's 7p access number 0871-4127487)
However, the best rate showing on for calls to Iraq mobile from UK mobiles is (at the time of writing) 6p per  minute, using Speaq. This price excludes the cost of calling the Speaq access number, so this is only really useful if you have plenty of inclusive minutes available to use. The access number is an 03 code, and these access numbers were discussed in a previous post: supposedly all inclusive minutes packages are required to include all 03 numbers, but you may wish to check with your service provider!
For calls to Iraq landlines, Speaq is still good at 3p per minute, but (at the time of writing) Just Dial Instant has a 2p per minute callthrough access number you may wish to use, namely 0844-8381556.
Hopefully this example illustrates that it is worth checking the rates available for international calls from mobiles. Meanwhile, happy calling!
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Please note the following
  • Where we quote callthrough rates, we believe (based on the web pages of the companies we list) that calls are charged at the indicated rate (in pence per minute) from a BT residential line
  • BT apply a call set-up fee of 13.87 pence (at the time of writing) for each chargeable call made.
  • Other network operators' charges may vary.
  • You can check rates from BT landlines using BT's document Prices for calls to Specialised Numbers from BT Residential Fixed Lines
  • You must have the bill-payer's permission before using any of the services or callthrough access numbers listed on our pages.

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